Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shiny New Things

I just placed an order with Wolfsburg West! (That's where I get most of the parts for Bumble.) I am so excited! This stuff is going to look great on my Bumble Bee!

Here's what I ordered:

Chrome Hub Caps
(I am going to repaint the white trim on the wheels and then pop these babies on! Nice huh?)

Chrome Headlight Trim
(These will make it look like Bumble has little chrome eyelids!)

Stainless Steel Side View Mirrors
(The set that Bumble has is rusty.)

New Sun Visors

I still need to get the front vent grill and the bumpers chromed, but that is going to be expensive, so I am going to wait a bit on that. I could buy new stainless steel bumpers, and that might actually be cheaper than chroming the old bumpers.

I also have a HUGE wishlist on Wolfsberg, but I am just going to do this bit-by-bit. :)

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