Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mini Vacations

DK and I have a few mini vacations coming up and I am very excited!

Mini Vacation #1: In April we are going up to the wedding location for the weekend to taste food and decide on our reception menu!

Mini Vacation #2: For my birthday DK got me a weekend getaway. We are going to Port Townsend to stay at the Manresa Castle. We have stayed there once before and it was awesome. The castle has a ton of history and is beautifully decorated. It is also said to be haunted. While we are up there we are also going to go to the 7 Cedars Casino! :)

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Nuclear Toast said...

Just one comment on the wedding food: if you put cheesecake on the menu, you'd better damn well have it, or there might be a riot.

Ash said...

Someone get this man some CHEESECAKE for god's sake! ;)