Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bitch Beer!

That last post made me think about good old Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill.

A couple of years ago, Bri and I were reminiscing about Boone's and we wondered if Boone's just tasted good when we were 16 because it was the forbidden fruit or if it is really good.

It was time to embark on a very important mission. We drove to the little QFC in Bellevue and were looking around the wine section for some Strawberry Hill. We weren't having much luck, so we asked an employee. He was pretty young, maybe 16 - 18 years old. At first he didn't know what Boone's was (I know, I know, we couldn't believe it either), but we described it to him and the light bulb above his head lit up. He said to us, no joke: "It's probably with all of the other cheap wines." Oh - Very helpful! Thank you soooooo much! We hadn't thought of that! Of course, we had already scoured the Wild Vines and Arbor Mist section. We struck out, I guess Boone's isn't a big seller in Bellevue.

Eventually we found some Boone's. I have to say, it is super sweet and all that sugar can give you a killer hangover, but it is fizzy and refreshing just like we remembered. So now every once in a while we will drink some Boone's just for fun.

When I was in Hawaii a while back for a friend's wedding I realized how expensive everything is there. So when we went shopping at Wal-Mart for some basics, we picked up a Styrofoam cooler and every flavor of Boone's that they had. (Wal-Mart carries 5 flavors!) I NEVER thought I would say this but here we go... Yea Wal-Mart! In the greater Seattle area, a bottle of pink bum beer will run you $1.99, in Hawaii it is almost $5.00 a bottle! We had a great time, sitting on those white sandy beaches at the super fancy resorts drinking our Boone's and laughing at the old European grape smugglers running around.


Bri said...

Reading this makes me want to go get some Boones. Its damn good. And over here in Pullman they have like 6 or 7 different flavors and they're 99 cents.
BTW..I was just telling someone about our Boones adventure yesterday.

Ash said...

Yea Pullman!
BTW... No way! I actually thought about bloging this yesterday but got too busy. We must be “Sensitives” like that dude on Dead Famous. ;)