Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Great Paper Slot Machine

A friend and I pooled our money and won $250 on a pulltab last night! Yea!


Nuclear Toast said...

What is that thing on the right in the top row? Because it looks like something nasty.

Ash said...

Ooooow! It does look like something nasty and x-rated! Ha h ha haaaaaaa! I think that it is a foot with a severely injured toe. :) I found that pulltab image on google images. It is not the actual pulltab that we won. On the subject of severely injured toes... A few years back I went to the ER to get some medicine for strep throat because I was having trouble breathing. It wasn't as serious as it sounds, it just hurt really badly to breath and my tonsils were really swollen. There was a guy in line behind me with his big toe hanging off! So I said to the triage nurse "Ah, you can take him first."