Monday, March 13, 2006

Dog Show

Corgi: My favorite breed of dog. How cute is this baby?

Yesterday we went to the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show. I have two cats and I like most dogs, but I am not really a dog person. DK and I have talked about getting a dog at some point and when I describe the type of dog that I want, he says "You are describing a cat!" :) Our opinions of what size dog to get are also very different. I of course want a cat-sized dog, and DK wants one that is around 40 pounds. I think that when we do get a dog it will just kind of find us, so we won't actually have to make any decisions about size or breed or slobber level, etc.

Back to the dog show. Two of our friends who I would describe as dog people invited us. They have a wonderful little dog named Sally. DK and I knew we wanted to go, but we didn't really know what to expect. It was sooooooo fun! We got there just in time for the best of each category (toy, sporting, working, etc.) competition. That was nice because you get to see the best dog from each breed and being the dog show novice that I am, watching the judge pick the best of the breed wouldn't have meant that much to me. I judge dogs on how cute and sweet they are, not if they have good teeth or eyes or how they walk.

The best in show judge was wearing a Yellow Labrador Retriever tie! Talk about bias! Guess who won the whole shebang? Yes, the Yellow Labrador Retriever! I was rooting for the Corgi because they are my favorite dogs in the world! I like their giant fox ears and their stubby little legs. The judge also had a Hitler mustache and strange posture that I would describe as Hitler like.

We went back into the grooming area and the teams were primping their prized pups. It was interesting to watch. A Malamute was getting his hair dried and I thought "Geez! I don't even own a hairdryer, let alone have someone who will dry and brush my hair for me!"

With the exception of the Corgi, I seem to like the really fluffy dogs or the ones with a curled squirrel type tail. They had a Chow Chow that was just one giant ball of fluff. Very cute, but also very hard to maintain I would imagine. I also really liked the Akita, but they are pretty big, a similar looking dog that is more my size is the Sheba Inu.

Walking through the parking lot, you see a lot of dog show people. They seem to all have the same attitude. It says something like “Coming through, coming through, out of my way, I am a dog show person!” We also saw a wide variety of dog themed bumper stickers. There were a lot of “I heart my (insert breed here)” stickers. But also some that were a little feistier like “My Golden Retriever is smarter than your honor student.”

It was a great adventure topped off with a delicious Mexican feast.


Nuclear Toast said...

Dogs are great, because unlike cats, they don't have a mind of their own and come when you call and show you way more affection. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a dog person, or that the dog behind me is holding a gun to my back and forcing me to type this. Help!

Small Fish said...

LOL @ nuclear.

Affection and loyalty and tricks and wrestling and loyalty = dog.