Monday, March 27, 2006

The Sports Ticker Wedding Band

On Saturday night DK and I were enjoying a nice dinner in Port Townsend and talking about what type of wedding bands we want. He finally decided what type of band he wants.


The band would display up to the minute sports scores for every sport he follows. When I gave him a funny look he added "We can add figure skating to it if you want!" (I don't even like figure skating, but I guess he thought I would go for it if it had "girly" sport scores.)

He would be able to turn the band on and off whenever he wanted. This would allow some husbands to hide the ticker from their wives. When the wife sees the husband staring intently at his wedding band and asks what he is doing, he would just switch it off and say "just looking at my wedding band and thinking of you my dear."

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Roy Williams said...

Genius! I like the score on the image.

Ash said...

OMG Roy, you are my first famous visitor! Ya! Are you coming to our wedding? DK is going to send you an invite. I don't mean to be rude, but if you could skip it that would be great. DK will be so star-struck that he won’t be able to concentrate or get through his vows. This is just between us; don't tell him that I said that! ;)

Bri said...

you guys are hilarious. Maybe I should bring up this idea to Chris...then maybe he would be way more excited to shop for wedding bands. =) Oh, and hi Roy.

bladio said...