Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bomb dog's alert delays NCAA game

Article Summary from Reuters:
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A San Diego arena was evacuated for about two hours on Thursday, delaying a first-round game in the hugely popular national college basketball championship, after a hot dog cart attracted the attention of a bomb-sniffing dog.
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Ashley Says:
Huh, a cart full of hot dogs attracted the attention of a dog? I wonder why the dog was so interested in the cart in question. This wouldn't happen if they employed snooty French Poodles as sniffer dogs, they would never stoop so low as to eat a hot dog. Spot's gonna get fired! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ;)

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bladio said...


my dog just ate part of my high school yearbook that i was using as a laptop desk in the living room. she would not be a good bomb-sniffing dog.