Thursday, March 02, 2006


Recently I have been thinking about funny tattoos.

First Scratch Padding posted this on his blog. That is such a clever tattoo, because you can either keep your eyebrows shaved so it shows, or if you know that in about six months you are going to be looking for a job you can let them grow out! Genius! ;)

Then I was out getting drinks with Bri and she mentioned that a FOAF (friend of a friend) has a mustache tattooed on his pointer finger so he can hold it up under his nose as a disguise! That was the funniest freaking thing I had ever heard! It is a great disguise! How many of you would recognize me if I had a mustache?!?! NONE OF YOU WOULD! The only problem with this tattoo is that when you are not holding the mustached finger under your nose, it looks like you have an odd shaped turd tattooed on your pointer finger. I took the liberty of drawing a quick picture to show you how this works.


Bri said...

Wow. I love your drawing. Hopefully others can really understand how funny this is.

Small Fish said...

Instructions for others:
- Drink half a box of wine.
- Now think about the moustache on the finger tatoo.
- Laugh: Ha ha ha ha!