Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Choking Game

This is so strange.

Summary from the AP:
WHITEFIELD, N.H. - Police and school officials are issuing warnings about a potentially fatal game gaining popularity among teenagers after the death of a 14-year-old boy. Eighth-grader Rodney Webster died last week after choking himself to deprive his brain of oxygen so he could feel a brief rush when the blood flow returned.

Read the article.
Stop the Choking Game Web site.

Ashley Says:
It is very sad that young people are dying from choking themselves and I truly feel bad for this boy's family.

What ever happened to the old fashioned way to impair judgement? When I was a teenager people would get high by smoking pot. Of course you could always drink some Boone's Farm, Mad Dog, an Old E 40, or a few Mickey's grenades. (You have to throw the bottles after you polish off the Mickey's grenades, that's really the only reason to buy them!)

But now kids sit in their rooms and choke each other. Yikes, I am glad I am not a teenager these days. It is a seriously effed up world.


Bri said...

I have to say when I was in jr. high people used to do this to each other. They even sent home a letter to parents about it.

Loni said...

THANK YOU so much for posting on this, and I hope and pray many more bloggers will. If we had known about this, maybe my son would be alive. He died from the choking game just over a year ago. He saw it on a crime show in the evening - and thought he'd "try" it the next morning. His two younger brothers found him hanging - dead. It's been a very difficult recovery for us since then. By God's grace we will, but until we are all reunited in heaven someday, there will be many tears. THANK YOU again for sharing.