Monday, March 20, 2006

Taking Away Our Rights

I am so sick of all these new laws!

So this town in California is taking the smoking ban to a whole new level.

"Having a smoking area in a restaurant is like having a peeing section in a swimming pool," said Dr. Thomas Pfeffer of the American Heart Association in Los Angeles.

As long as this comparison is being made, can we please outlaw peeing in pools! I would like to see all those kindergarteners get arrested and hauled off to the pokey WITHOUT THEIR SECURITY/COMFORT BLANKETS!

Now I agree that smoking should not be allowed in restaurants and I am kind of on board with the non-smoking bar thing too, but outlawing smoking on the street or on your own deck/patio? This is going too far. If someone told me I couldn't smoke on my own deck, I would say "Fuck you, you're trespassing, get your nosy ass out of here BITCH!" I don't even smoke anymore and this really pisses me off!

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Nuclear Toast said...

Some people should just learn to let go. I'm just sayin'.