Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Today is my birthday.
I am 9,490 days old.
-or- I am 227,760 hours old.
-or- I am 13,665,600 minutes old.
-or- I am 819,936,000 seconds old.

Here is my birthday personal ad:
Almost married WF seeks an exciting evening with her best buds. Ideal evening includes all of you, tons of yummy Italian food and drinks after dinner. Long walks on the beach and snuggling by the fire on a bear skin rug not necessary. Can you help make my dream come true? ;)

Birthday Food:
DK picked up birthday breakfast for me. He said he would make anything I wanted. What a nice guy! I asked for a maple bar and a fauxmosa. A fauxmosa is a drink I invented for those days that you want a mimosa, but you can't drink because you have to go to work or something. It is just OJ and bubbly water. Delicious and refreshing. Did you know that in some parts of the country they don't have maple bars? Some people have never even heard of maple bars, much less enjoyed their sugary goodness. I feel so bad for them. For those of you that have never seen a maple bar, here you go:

Tonight DK and I are going out to dinner. I can't decide if I want nachos or Italian food. Maybe nachos since we are going out for Italian on Saturday.

Birthday Present:
I bought myself a birthday present. It has aquamarines in it. (That is my birthstone.) The stones are actually bluer than they look in this picture. I normally don't buy things like this, but I wanted a cocktail ring and loved this one!

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Bri said...

Thats so you to want nachos for you bday dinner. I love it. Oh and happy birthday

nuclear toast said...

Happy birthday! I hope your birthday personal ad comes true.

bladio said...

happy birthday!

Small Fish said...

Wow that's a big ring...
Oh yeah - Happy Birthday!

Nuclear Toast said...

Oh, and bad math. You forgot leap years/hours/minutes/seconds.

Ash said...

Nuclear Toast: They don't call me Math Girl for nothin'! ;)