Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Funny Videos

Korean Girls Money Karaoke
"It's all about the money in this spirited round of video karaoke with two enthusiastic (okay, crazy) Korean girls." The girl in the black jacket's dancing is effing hilarious! I love it at the end when she smells her armpit! Do Bri and I look this good when we do karaoke?

Patches the Horse
Patches the horse likes to ride in the car, much on cheeseburgers and fetch beer from the fridge. Chris, your birthday is coming up and if I were rich, I would buy Patches for you. Bri would kill me.

Burger Trick
"An illusionist makes a fast food sandwich appear out of nowhere. Freaky."

Life is for Living
"The producers of It Only Takes Second return with a sequel that takes workplace accidents to new heights of hilarity."


Nuclerar Toast said...

Ok, I just had to show off how internetty cool I am. I have previously downloaded the Korean money video (my file is dated 05/08/03) and Patches (01/25/05). But not the others. I can't be everywhere!

Ash said...

Oh Nuclear Toast, I know I can never beat you to anything! Luckily some of my friends are slower to find the great internet sensations than I am! ;)

Anonymous said...
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