Wednesday, March 22, 2006

TV - My Favorite Hobby

I would like to tell you about a few new TV shows that I have been watching.

Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters (Biography Channel)
Chris the sensitive and Gayle the skeptic search for the spirit of a different dead celebrity each week. Usually they don't find who they are looking for, but something spooky always happens. A lot of the episodes take place in Hollywood and the history of the buildings and people of old Hollywood is very interesting. I highly recommend the Lucile Ball and Jim Morrison episodes.

Survivorman (Discovery Science Channel)
Les Stroud the crazy Canadian spends 7 days stranded alone in various wild places to educate us on survival skills in different regions. He has no camera crew and no real food to speak of. Sometimes they give him a tiny amount of food that a person in his situation may have with them. For example, in the Canyonlands episode he had 3 Fritos and a small chunk of a Power Bar in his pocket. He calls his hat a tuk like my Canadian friend B.E. I highly recommend all episodes, but I think the Arctic and the Georgia Swamp episodes are the best.

There is another show that is similar to Survivorman that I have not seen yet. If you know what this show is called, please let me know so I can TiVo it. Thanks!

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