Friday, May 05, 2006

So Many May Birthdays!

Happy Birthday to:

5/5 - Chloe (My cat)

5/7 - Ty

5/8 - Josh

5/9 - Toast

5/10 - Alex

5/11 - Steve
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Bri said...

Today is Smokey's bday too!!

Ash said...

OMG, maybe our cats are twins that were separated at birth!?! I've been watching too many soaps huh? But they are both plump and furry!

Philip said...

My birthday is May 26th. Wanna hang out?

Nuclear Toast said...

I love that Philip is stalking =you= now. And, in other trivia, 5/7 is also MomToast's birthday.

Ash said...

Philip, I am almost a married woman! What can I say; you are 20 years too late! ;)