Monday, June 11, 2007

The Meme Begins

Bladio requested that I write 3 fantasy stories about myself. This is the first.

Meme Uno - Captain Ash

I am a marine salvage captain - a modern day treasure hunter. DK and I live on a big salvage vessel called the SS Abrahamious Yetious with all of our friends and we all travel the world in search of our next big find.

The crew assignments are as follows:

Me: Captain. I decide which wrecks to search for and plan the expeditions.

Chris & DK: Technology specialists. They keep all of the high tech equipment running.

Bri: First mate. She helps me keep the ship and crew running efficiently and smoothly.

Brent: Parts specialist. He makes sure that we have all of the parts we need for our ship and equipment.

Ty & Ann: Cooks. They keep us well fed with yummy food.

Carolyn K: Buyer and wine steward. She picks the wine for our dinners and buys all the supplies we will need for each voyage.

AJ: Personal trainer. He keeps us all in good shape.

Richard: Researcher. He finds info and clues to the location of the big booty we are looking for.

Shannon & the Millers: On board writers. They write short stories to keep us all entertained. They also write in the log documenting our journey.

Colin: Mechanic. He fixes shit.

Other Friends: All of our other friends are divers and/or just along for the ride.

We are a happy crew that spends a lot of time enjoying nature and just relaxing. The SS Abrahamious Yetious is the only salvage vessel in the world with a hot tub on deck. We have a pet dolphin named Flipper that lives in a big salt water pool.

None of us have to work but we really enjoy what we do. We are so good at our jobs that we never have any trouble raising funds for our recovery missions. Most of the time we just fund the missions ourselves. We are all loaded because on our first try we found the Spanish Flagship La Capitana which sank off the coast of Ecuador in the mid-17th Century. On that one we raked in truckloads of treasure – gold, silver, jewels and porcelain worth an estimated 3.7 – 7.5 billion dollars. Much of our half went to museums or was donated to charity but there was still plenty left over for all of us.

Update: I thought of something else… We have a little submarine that we use to explore the wrecks before the divers go down. It just so happens that it’s yellow.

We also like to play a little joke on other sailors. When we encounter another ship far out in the ocean we raise the Jolly Roger and blast the cannon and video tape the other crew’s reaction. Yes, we have a cannon. I found it on eBay.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The end.


NuclearToast said...

I hang off the side of the ship one night and, using proofreader's marks, change Yetious to Lincolnious.

Raggedy Angst said...

Can we have companion dolphins that swim alongside and take us for rides and save us when we require saving (that last bit's for me -- I'm a terrible swimmer)?

CJK said...

Can AJ wear an eye patch? He wants to pretend to be a Pirate. RRRRR.

bladio said...


pete. said...

When do we leave??

bri said...

Seriously...lets go now.