Friday, June 15, 2007

Gym update - 6/15/07 + June Measurements!

I went to the gym 4 times this week! I am trying to make up for the last 2 weeks that I only went twice per week. So next week I am also going to try to go 4 times.

The big news:

I got weighted and measured today. My weight stayed the same but I have lost 3 more inches in the past month! Most importantly I lost 1/2 inch from each arm (upper arm). That’s the one area of my body that I am really unhappy with.
(That's a gold star for me!)

Since I started going to the gym 3 times per week in mid January (exactly 6 months ago) I have lost a total of 14.5 inches! It’s interesting because I have only lost 4 pounds in that same time period so I must be a lot more muscular than I was when I started.

I have not been dieting at all. I eat whatever I want. But my tastes have started to change and I like salad a lot more than I used to. In fact, if I go a few days without a salad I start to crave it! But don't get me wrong I still eat nachos every week and pasta with alfredo sauce and chocolate. I have been trying to control my portions. I am by no means starving myself; I just eat normal sized portions instead of super-size portions. Even cutting my portions in half, I still feel full.

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Raggedy Angst said...

That's awesome, gal. You get gold stars AND chocolate!