Monday, June 18, 2007

Clearwater Casino

DK and I went to the Clearwater Casino this weekend. It was really fun! We didn’t win big, but we didn’t lose big either. In my book that’s a win!

The hotel is beautiful. The beds are like giant marshmallows. All white, soft and squishy. Very nice.

Overall it was a great trip. My one complaint was that the hostesses at the steakhouse were very rude. The wait staff was great but those hostesses were horrible. Everything was a one word answer, not helpful at all. Also, one of them was looking at me like I had a giant hairy wart on my face or something. That was interesting because our friends CJK and AJ were looking at the Clearwater as a venue for their upcoming nuptials. They said that the event staff was rude and hard to deal with. (That is the polite version.) Too bad because the Clearwater could have great marks all around if it weren’t for those hostesses and the event staff.

Here is my review:

Hotel: A
Hotel staff: B
Hotel value: B
Steakhouse food: B
Steakhouse wait staff: A
Steakhouse hostesses: F
Steakhouse value: B
Buffet food: C
Buffet staff: B
Buffet value: B
Casino games: A
Casino staff: A
Calculated average grade: C+
Perceived average grade: B


NuclearToast said...

I can't keep track of all the casinos any more; where is the Clearwater? And is that picture from a brochure or an actual shot you took?

Ash said...

The Clearwater is right rear Bainbridge Island - Just over the Aggate Pass bridge. That is a pic I found online.