Wednesday, June 20, 2007

John for Cincinnati (Spoiler free)

Do you have HBO? If so, have you been watching John from Cincinnati? I have seen the first 2 episodes and I have to say, I didn’t like the first episode much. At all. But after episode 2, now that’s another story. I am hooked! Hooked like a small fish on 200 pound test! Hooked like yo’ momma standing on her corner, shakin’ her thang! I freaking love it! I especially like Ed O’Neill’s (Al Bundy from Married with Children) character Bill. He is so strange, but so loveable. After the way they left episode 2 I can’t wait for episode 3! I am going to think about it every single day until Sunday.

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DK said...

It is a good show. I hope it keeps it up.