Thursday, June 01, 2006

Abe the Yeti

I now have my first Creature Co-op critter. I of course bought the Yeti. I named him Abe because a Yeti is also an abominable snowman and I wanted to pick a name that started with ab. Thanks to Nuclear Toast for the Yeti poking stick so I can give Abe a little jab if he gets out of line. How cute is he?

Here is his description: "Despite his ferocious appearance, Yeti is a shy and gentle beast. He would like to go home with you and have hot chocolate (the kind with mini marshmallows). "

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bladio said...

abe is awesome! very cute.

him eating little white fluffy marshmallows almost seems a bit cannibalistic, though.

Nuclear Toast said...

At least you have a Yeti poking stick now, no thanks to DK and the eBay debacle. <grin>