Tuesday, June 27, 2006


On Saturday night we had a few people over to BBQ. Later in the evening we were sitting out on the back deck talking and drinking and Chris & Bri's dog Bode was sniffing around. I said to CTM "Hey, did you know that when a dog sniffs the air like that it's called smeagaling?" CTM was like "What?" and Bri started laughing. You see Bri told me that a few weeks ago camping and I just assumed that since she and Chris take Bode to some special doggy school that smeagaling was the official term for sniffing. Come to find out it's a word that Bri MADE UP to describe the sniffing. How was I supposed to know? I've never had a dog!


Smeagol said...

it's okay my precious... you slept through half of the the movie

Bri said...

That was so freakin funny. I am crying right now from the comment from smeagol. I've never seen those movies (I think) so I didn't know what a smeagol was. I make up a lot of words. But I have never had someone believe them to be real :)

Bode said...

Aunt Ashley:
You need new pictures of me. I am ashamed of that picture, its not very manly. Also I smeagol all the time, at least thats what my mommy says.

Bode said...

Let me sign my full name:
Bode Smegalor Flapalina Hammer Adams AKA the little gentlemen

Ash said...

Oh Little Gentleman. You are so smart that you can read and type!