Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Dwight Schrute Bobble Head!

Today is a very special day folks! I have my new Dwight Schrute bobble head on my desk! I am so excited - I love it! I can't stop flicking his head and watching him bobble! I am sure my office mate is getting sick of the tink, tink, tink noise.

Here's a funny story.
A few weeks ago a bunch of us were at the original seed (it's a bar) and Bri was talking about how this guy at her office has a Dwight bobble head. I didn't even know they existed so I asked her to find out where he got it so I could get one too. DK said something to Bri and then she and I went outside for a few minutes. When we came back in DK was like "did you tell her that I got her the Dwight bobble head?" Bri looked surprised and I was so happy! Yay - there was a Dwight bobble head on order just for me! I love Dwight's character so much - he is so incredibly funny! Once I almost peed my pants because I was laughing so hard at him! My Dwight bobble head was on back order because they are SO FREAKING AWESOME that everyone wants one, but last night a box came from NBC! Yay - thanks DK!

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Dwight said...

Can you hear it when I talk to you through the bobble-head communication device?

bladio said...

very very cool!

Ash said...

Yes, I can hear you Dwight! What is that you say? Take the rest of the day off and get a big nacho lunch with a nice cold Tecate? Hey, you're the boss! :)

Nuclear Toast said...

My friend at work has a Dwight bobblehead. We walk in all the time and start singing, "Ryan started the FI-UH!"

Small Fish said...

lol @ toast