Monday, May 08, 2006

Meet My New Ugly Doll, Wedgehead!

On Friday night DK and I went out to dinner and then walked over to the art museum. The museum was going to close in a few minutes, so we decided to just check out the gift shop. I knew that they sold Uglies there because I bought one for Baby NKE a few months back.

What can I say, I just couldn't resist, and now I have seven Uglies. Three live at my office and four at home. This lovely ugly is named Wedgehead, but I just call him Wedgie for short.

Here's Wedgie's story:
Wedgehead has his eye on you. ...and he likes what he sees! Finally, someone who understands him! He is very handsome too...can't you tell? What do you mean he looks pitiful? Look at that charismatic posture! Wedgehead understands you too. He sees things the way you see them... OK so he has to stand on his head to do so, but still! He understands exactly what you mean. Wedgehead and his best buddy OX are on a mission to prove that humans really do exist, and he would like you to help them on their quest. The proof can be found in the snacks! Have any?

UPDATE: One of my coworkers is having a rough day so I loaned Wedgie to him. Everyone loves Uglies! :)

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