Thursday, June 01, 2006

Old Pervs at the Q

A few minutes ago I was at the QFC in Bellevue to pick up some things for dinner. As I'm walking in a cute little old man with a fishing hat on (complete with fishing flies on it) is pushing his cart back while skipping and riding on it. He says to me "I'm just trying to show off my age, I'm 82!" So trying to be sweet I say "You sure do have a spring in your step!" That sounds like something to say to a grandpa right? He replies, no joke "That's not all of it miss, I have a spring somewhere else too!" What? Are you fucking kidding me? I dunno, maybe if I was an 82 year old man and my wiener still worked I would want to tell the world too. Yuck!


chris said...

old balls!

Nuclear Toast said...

Ok, Ash, when you're 82 we'll see if your weiner =does= still work or not!