Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Greatest Monkey Names Ever!

These are some of my monkey's names:
  • Dangles (Many of you know him from his prank calls.)
  • Ruffles (I've had him since I was born.)
  • Mr. Baheeha Skittles (I gave him away to a toddler - It was very sad but she really, really wanted him!)
  • Professor Unc (See previous post.)
  • Victor (I got him in Victoria BC.)

If I ever get a real monkey I am going to name him Sir Augustus Bentley Farnsworth Picklesworth XII but I'll just call him Augie for short.

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bladio said...

my monkey is named monk. he is high on a shelf or else sally will eat him up.

bladio said...

p.s. i know you already know about monk, ash, my comment is for your readers who love monkeys and monkey info. just in case you're like "tell me something i DON'T know, bladio!"

Ash said...

Monk and Dangles are good friends. Sometimes Dangles sneaks out of our house and takes the metro to your place and climbs up the side of the building and crawls in the window to hang out with Monk. But that happens when no one is there, that's why you never see him. :)