Monday, May 22, 2006

Remembering 627

Sometimes I think about my old house and I miss it. Don't get me wrong, I love our new house so much, but my old house was very special to me. I moved in there when I was 19. Total I have lived in at least* 17 houses, apartments and condos. Since no one seems to believe this, I am going to list them at the bottom of this post. *I feel like I am forgetting a couple.

I think I loved the 627 house because I stayed there for 6 years and I felt really comfortable there. For once there was a period of time that I didn't have to move around constantly! For once I felt like I had a real home and not just a house. I seem to miss the 627 house the most when changes are going on in my life. I guess because that was the one place that always stayed the same. Sure, I bought new furniture, moved stuff around and painted sometimes, but it was still the same house with my things. Right now I have some huge changes going on in my life, they are all very positive but it's still a little stressful, even though it's good stress.

In honor of the 627 house I am going to post some pictures that I took when I was selling it. Once I got it ready to sell by cleaning, painting, having the hardwoods refinished and new carpet installed I didn't really want to leave anymore! Prior to the improvements that I did to sell the house, I had done a ton of work like replacing two of the bathroom floors with radiant heated tile. In the end I thought, why didn't I do all of this 6 years ago!?!?!

Loft Style Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom (My Bathroom):

Second Bedroom (DK's Office):

Second Bathroom (DK's Bathroom):

Third Bedroom (Ashley's Office):

Living Room:

Dinning Room:


Little Backyard:

Not pictured:
Third bathroom, garage, laundry room, entry way, pantry.

Places I have lived:
1. Beaux Arts (ages 1-5)
2. Lake Sammamish Condo
3. Issaquah
4. Medina
5. Yarrow Wood
6. Fire Dept. House
7. View House
8. Lake Sammamish House
9. Pool House
10. Blue House
11. Apartment 2
12. Apartment 5
13. House 1st
14. Apartment 2 (again)
15. Diller Apartments
16. 627 House (ages 19-25)
17. Clyde Hill View House


Nuclear Toast said...

The 627 house was a great house. I know what you mean too. I sold my house a year ago, and although I'm glad I don't have to deal with it any more, I still miss it.

Ash said...

Exactly NT!