Thursday, May 18, 2006


As many of you know, DK is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill. I am not, but I consider myself alumni in spirit because I have been to Chapel Hill, I agreed to invite Dean Smith and Roy Williams to our wedding and I anxiously hold my breath during Tar Heel basketball games. One thing that you have to understand about DK is there was never any question that he would be a Tar Heel, even though he is so smart he could have gone to practically any school. Both of his parents and both of his siblings went to UNC. His dad says that he is going to get "A Tar Heel born, a Tar Heel bred, a Tar Heel dead" on his grave marker. I think he might be serious. Even his 82 year old grandma will stay up until midnight watching a game. Hardcore!

Being a northwest native and a vegetarian to boot, I am just now learning the rules of BBQ. Over the years DK has been educating me on what real BBQ is. For example, sometimes I invite our friends over for a BBQ. To me, this means that we fire up the grill and cook burger and hotdogs. We have all of the fixings like pickles, tomatoes, onion, lettuce, mayo, mustard, cheese and potato salad, macaroni salad, chips and salsa, etc. Guess what? That isn't a BBQ at all, it's really a cook out! A BBQ is simply a pit with a pig in it. No toppings, just a white bread bun, pulled pork and one type of sauce with sweet tea (diabetes in a cup), coleslaw and sometimes standard potato salad on the side, not that fancy northwest potato salad with blue cheese and baby red potatoes!

Last night we went to the annual Puget Sound University of North Carolina BBQ. I expected that it would be a bunch of couples and families running a big grill out in a field somewhere, cooking burgers and dogs. Boy was I wrong! They flew in the food from North Carolina! Yep, that's right, authentic pork, sauce, coleslaw and potato salad from North Carolina along with some homemade sweet tea. Yowzers, these people are serious about their BBQ! When we first got there, we weren't sure how long we would stay and we figured we wouldn't come back next year, the food wasn't out yet and we didn't know anyone. After DK ate his BBQ he was like "Oh man, I'm coming back next year!" You have to understand that every time we go out somewhere for dinner and DK orders BBQ anything, but especially pulled pork he is severely disappointed. I guess us northwesterner's just don't know how to do BBQ. Hey, are you from the South and know of a great BBQ place in the Seattle area? Post it in the comments so DK can give it a try!

After dinner, everyone went around the room and said their name, what year they graduated and their major. It was a good mix of people, ranging from a 1958 graduate to a 2005 graduate. They got to one lady and she said who she was, etc. and the host type guy said "Did someone say the D word?" The lady starts laughing. The host guy says "That's right everyone, Deb married a Dookie!" (Duke graduate.) All of a sudden everyone in the room except me and the Dookie started booing. Boooooo! Booooooooooo! Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!! He must be used to that type of reaction because he just laughed it off. Good for him, if I was in a room filled with 50+ people booing at me, I might run out crying! It's just too Carrie. DK wanted to yell "Did you play lacrosse too??" Yikes, harsh!

A guy went to the front of the room and announced that they were going to have a raffle! I was so excited, I love raffles and DK always seems to win something! They had some cool Tar Heel gear like a t-shirt, blanket, koozie (insulated drink holder), etc. I think there were about 6 prizes and around 50-60 people in the room. On the way in everyone was given one ticket. The raffle guy asked if anyone wanted to purchase any additional tickets for $1 each. A few people did and the raffle was under way. DK won the t-shirt (pictured) and gave it to me! Yea, I kind of won something, or at least I ended up with a prize! After all of the prizes were raffled off, the raffle guy said that they would now be raffling off containers of the leftover pork, does anyone want to buy any extra tickets for that?? Yep, a lot of people did! DK bought three more tickets since one of our two had already been drawn. Sure enough he won a container of pork! That's two prizes in one night! We still had three chances to win. DK said that if another of our tickets was picked I should go up and claim the pork since he had already won twice. I quickly formulated a plan that if I won I would go up to the front of the room, take my container of pork and yell "I went to Duke and I am a vegetarian!!! Ha ha haaaaaaaaa! What a waste of your precious pork!!!" (I did not go to Duke by the way.) But I didn't win any pork, so my moment never happened, but at least I got to tell you all (y'all) about it!

So here is a wrap up of the evening:
UNC = Hates Duke
BBQ = Religion and more valuable than gold.

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Nuclear Toast said...

What is that logo for the Tarheels? It looks like a pair of tighty whities caught on a huge croissant. Which is not very BBQ-y.

Ash said...

Mmm... Croissant! Yummy! That's Ramses the ram, he's their mascot. You can even buy a children’s book about Ramses to teach your little Tar Heel all about him!