Monday, April 10, 2006

Jelly Bellies

I am so pissed off right now! I just put my quarter in the vending machine for some Jelly Bellies and when the little fellas rolled out of the chute I noticed that they looked different than normal. I am sitting at my desk eating them and I now know what the problem is... These are the gross flavors! OMG - did the vending machine guy fill it up with the "Jelly Belly Ass Flavored Assortment" or something!?!?! Did he pick out all of the good flavors? Good god! Peanut butter, buttered popcorn and fake spearmint? Are you kidding me? These are all good flavors when you are eating the actual food, but they don't translate well into Jelly Beans! Don't they have a fucking test kitchen or am I their guinea pig? Jelly Bellies are my new cigarettes and this is not how it is supposed to be!

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Ash said...

Bladio - I am sorry to use the word "ass". I know how much you hate it, but it is necessary in this situation!

Dudley Dawson said...

do they have any that are flavored like PANTIES?

bladio said...

actually in this case i found it very effective. i didn't even mind. what a sad tale! yuck.

Ash said...

Dudley - I couldn't say, I don't know what panties taste like. Do you?