Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Talking in my sleep

I love to sleep. I especially love that feeling you get when you are just about to fall asleep and you are all warm and comfortable and ready to drift off.

I am a really active sleeper. This hasn't really bothered me at all since I am also a very sound sleeper. DK can grab my arms and wiggle them around and I don't even wake up. I also talk in my sleep. This can be kind of funny but sometimes kind of scary and worrisome too. DK stays up later than I do, so he gets to experience a lot of this craziness. Here are a few examples:

1) The land line phone.
A few years ago when I still had a land line phone in my old house I woke up and realized that I was holding the phone to my ear. I looked over at the caller ID box on the nightstand and noticed that I was connected to my neighbor KL's line and that I had been on the phone for almost TEN MINUTES! Then I hear "Ashley? Are you ok? Are you there?" Fuck! I have been talking in my sleep to my neighbor, probably making no sense at all and maybe even being very mean! (When I talk in my sleep I either make no sense or I am very sweet or very mean, more on this later.) He probably called me about some Home Owners Association bullshit since I was the association president at the time. (Fun times, that will get it's own post!) I said "I'll call you back!!" and slammed the phone down. He never mentioned it and neither did I.

2) Bad dreams
Sometimes if I am having a bad dream I will start talking in my sleep. One time I was having this dream that someone was vandalizing my old Jeep (it was my baby). I was so mad that I rolled over to face DK and in this totally demonic voice I said "Fuuuckk Yooooou!" and then I rolled back over. Very creepy, I know!

3) Bears
One night I feel asleep on the couch and DK was trying to wake me up to go to bed. I kept telling him that I didn't want to get up because there were bears outside.

4) Ugly dolls
As you may know from a previous post, I have 6 ugly dolls. I keep 3 of them at work and 3 of them at home. (I used to have them all at home, but with 2 people, 2 cats, 6 ugly dolls and 1 monkey, our bed was getting way too crowded!) I have made up voices and personalities for each of the ugly dolls and I make them talk to DK pretty much everyday and occasionally to my friends. Dangles the monkey dances every night to a theme song from a TV show. Usually DK puts on Law and Order and that is Dangles' favorite song to dance to. He also likes the theme song from Monk. What can I say, I am easily entertained and DK puts up with me. :) At home our uglies include Jeero and Babo. Jeero has a scary, deep monster voice and Babo has a cute but annoying baby voice and speaks in the first person. One night after falling asleep, I started talking like Jeero and Babo! It must have been so exorcist like! If DK didn't know about the ugly doll voices he would have been soooo freaked out! Ha ha haaaaaa!

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