Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Men I Thought I Would Marry (but I'm glad I didn't)

I was thinking about this because I TiVo'd the Henry Rollins Show on IFC. It's decent; you should give it a try. The episode I watched had Chuck D and J5 on it.

Henry Rollins
I used to be obsessed with Henry Rollins. It's really funny because I was never a fan of Black Flag or Rollins Band and I never thought that really muscular men were attractive at all. I just always liked Henry Rollins. He is really interesting looking, all of those tattoos and he has crazy muscles and he also seems pretty smart. I was shocked when I saw him on his new show. His hair is 100% gray! I have nothing against gray hair, but I do have a problem with Henry Rollins having gray hair! It seems like his whole look is based around the color black, he is almost always wearing black pants and a black shirt and his hair needs to be black too damn it!

Philip Michael Thomas
When I was little I thought I was going to marry Tubs from Miami Vice. I was a little kid and I just assumed that because you could see people in the TV, they could see you too. Every week I would get all dressed up and sit in front of the TV waiting for Tubs to notice me. Sad huh?

Tom Petty
When I was a kid I had this poster of Tom Petty riding a camel and I figured that someday we would get married and ride around on camels together.

Anthony Kiedis
I think a lot of girls were obsessed with Anthony Kiedis despite that long girl hair he sported forever! I don't like what has happened to him recently. The blond hair is terrible and he is 44, dating a 19 year old - YUCK!

Luckily I didn't end up with any of these guys. I don't think Rollins or Kiedis are relationship material, Tom Petty could be my grandpa, and as far as Tubs goes, I don't like men who wear pastel suits.


Philip said...

hey baby - how you doin?
check out my picture

Ash said...

Damn Philip! That is one SEXY picture! P.S. Why is there a globe in the background?

Nuclear Toast said...

It isn't a commercial, but it should be one... for why garage bands should be illegal. It's the Final Countdown. (I think I lived next to these guys.)

Nuclear Toast said...

DOH! Comment on wrong post. Oh well, guess I'm off to huff more paint.

Anonymous said...

But Rollins's new show is awesome!