Friday, April 21, 2006

OCD Things

I have mentioned in some of my previous posts that I have some strange OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) like behavior. I don't really think that I have OCD, but these things are pretty strange. They don't really impact my life at all, so I look at them as funny little quirks. Here we go.

  • I like to always have the volume set to a multiple of five on the stereo or TV. I don't really know why, but I like to have it at 20 or 25, etc. instead of at 22 or 23, etc.

  • I do not like it when people touch my toenails, in fact I don't allow it! I don't get pedicures for this reason.

  • I get very mad if someone touches one of my eyebrows the wrong way. You know like against the grain of my eyebrow hair? I hate it! I also get agitated when DK pets Chloe or Fuzzy (our two cats) against the grain of their fur. I ask him to fix it and remind him that they do not like that!

  • I can never eat just one thing for a meal, a snack is ok, but for a meal you really need more than one thing. I also like my food to be hot. Cold food just doesn't count as a meal in my book. I like bento boxes because you usually get four different things! That is awesome!

I am pretty sure there are some other strange things that I do, but these are the big ones.

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Small Fish said...

Whenever we play pool at a place where we return the balls to the bar - you have to put them in numerical order with all of the numbers aligned. There are a million more - I think listing them all might break the Internet.

Nuclear Toast said...

Yeah, like the nacho-eating process, for example.

Ash said...

Small Fish: Yes, the pool ball thing is strange.

Nuclear Toast: The nacho thing is totally normal! It's called distributing the toppings evenly! I do it with everything that I eat. I like every bit to be delicious! ;)

Ash said...

I meant that I like every bite to be delicious!

CK said...

I am glad to hear other people have strange habbits...I have to count the number of stairs whenever I walk up them. Been doing it my whole life. Who knows why!