Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Vegetarian in Love

As many of you know I don’t eat any meat or seafood and haven’t since I was a kid. This is a bit of an issue because I don’t know how to cook any meat and the few times I have tried the outcome has been disastrous! I have never cooked pork in my life except once when I put some bacon in the microwave for DK for birthday breakfast. Now that I think about it that might have been turkey bacon.

Today is the 4th of July and I found a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches online. DK loves pulled pork. I might be setting myself up for failure because he is a pulled pork connoisseur. How hard can it be right? The name makes it sound like you just PULL some PORK out of a deli meat bag and put it on bread to make a SANDWICH. Oh no, that’s not what it means at all. Pulled pork means that the pork is slow cooked (10 hours for my recipe) until it is so tender that you can just pull it apart without cutting it. So I woke up early this morning and browned the pork on all sides in a skillet with oil. It was really funny because the pork shoulder roast is really heavy (around 5 pounds) so I had to experiment with different kitchen utensils to pick it up and turn it in the pan. I finally settled on these giant sharp fork things that DK uses with the turkey fryer. So now the pork is in the slow cooker where it will stay until 7:00 tonight. I hope it turns out well.

If you are coming over to my house tonight please feel free to leave a comment tomorrow with your thoughts on the pork. If you say nice things that would be great, but really I am looking for honest feedback.

Oink oink!

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DK said...

That was some damn good pork. Will you marry me?

Ash said...

OMG - If I had known that cooking pork resulted in a proposal I would have made it a long time ago! ;)

Nuclear Toast said...

You cooked dead pig just to get a man! I'm telling Gloria Steinem!