Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I still need to see Little Miss Sunshine

I STILL have not seen Little Miss Sunshine! Maybe DK and I will go this weekend and see a matinee so we can avoid all of the annoying teenagers and save a few bucks. Wow - we really are an old married couple now!

This morning on my way to work I sat on 148th for around 45 minutes in traffic. That sucked, but to my delight the people stuck in traffic next to me were a really nice couple with an awesome bumble! I have seen it before at the Wagon Shop where I take my Bumble to see Dr. Carl and Dr. Calvin. It is painted like a globe with a trail of words all around it. It has a cool clown type horn mounted on the driver door so he can roll down his window and squeeze it! Best of all he has a mega phone mounted to the outside and a CB radio type hand piece inside so he can drive along and talk to people at an incredibly high volume! I NEED THAT! First I need to look it up and make sure it isn't against the law because the last thing I need is another reason for the cops to pull me over in Bumble. It already screams "I HAVE WEED, PULL ME OVER!" (I do not) but if I had the mega phone I could scream "I HAVE WEED, PULL ME OVER!" (I do not.)

You have gotta see this brown Bumble catch some air off a jump.

Please compare.

My Bumble: (Push start not required!)

The Famous Movie Star Bumble:

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NuclearToast said...

I had a CB radio in my car when I was young, and hooked up a PA speaker to it (they all seemed to have the jack). It was loads of fun driving around and saying stuff, or just playing the radio. I think you need to get one!

Small Fish said...

I think we need to go jump Bumble!