Friday, September 29, 2006

Johnny Depp, Tattoos & It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

Did you know that Johnny Depp used to have a tattoo that said "Winona Forever"? As in Winona Ryder. First of all, why would anyone name their kid Winona? Poor girl - if that were my name I might go shoplift crap too. I like Johnny Depp - I think he is creative. He had his tattoo changed to "Wino Forever"!!!! Awesome! The Winona Forever part must have fallen under the good old "It seemed like a good idea at the time" category. I have a whole list of things that I can say that about but fortunately none of them are permanently carved and inked on my body.

Repeat after me everyone - I will never get anyone's name tattooed on my body! (I will make an exception for one of my friends, she knows who she is!) This should be common sense for most people but for some reason people still do it. The only thing that I think is kind of OK is getting your kid's name tattooed on you, but then again that can go terribly wrong too. Do you think Ted Bundy's mom wishes she had gotten his name etched on her? I think not! Interesting story because for a number of years Ted Bundy believed that his mom was really his sister. She was way too young and unmarried when she had him so the family passed baby Ted off as her brother, not her son. Note to women around the world: If you are young, wild and crazy and your family sends you on a 9 month vacation, everyone knows you got knocked up! It's really not a secret at all.

Back to tattoos and moms: When I got my first tattoo I thought about getting Mom inside of a heart. Why? Well, of course I love my mom, but also how could she get mad at me for getting that? Luckily I decided against it and got a moon with a red eye on my stomach instead. I was the only kid in middle school with a tattoo! There I go setting records again!

For years I have also wanted to get a large hula dancer, think 3x8 inches tattooed on the inside of my arm upside down so that her feet start in my armpit and her head is roughly at my elbow. That way when I lifted my arm up and flexed she would be right side up and dancing! Why? I have no idea. I have wanted that since I was a kid - maybe I saw it on TV or something.


NuclearToast said...

A moon with a red eye. Heh heh. <wink>

Ash said...

Just to clarify - when I said "I will make an exception for one of my friends, she knows who she is!" That does NOT mean that I would get that person's name tattooed on me - it means that I made an exception to this rule for her since she has a name tattooed on her! My husband just IM'd me and was like "Who's name would you get tattooed on you???"