Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Craft Addict

For some reason I have been feeling really crafty lately. It's like I got brainwashed by Martha Stewart or something.

I have spent $200 on beads (and beading supplies) in the past week. This is more expensive than crack.

I have also been knitting, learning to crochet and I have an extreme desire to start back up on the sock monsters. Seriously I am a compulsive craft addict. I finish something and I just want to make more!

I figured I need to sell this shit or I really can't make any more. How many necklace and earring sets can one person own? I called I Heart Rummage to see if I can get into their 12/16 Seattle show. I am waiting to hear back from them. I don't think I will get in because they limit the amount of jewelry vendors and the deadline was 5 days ago. Plus, 12/16 is the last show until Christmas so I am sure it's full and probably already has a waiting list.

Any other ideas of where I can sell this stuff?

Also, on the off chance that I can get into I Heart Rummage I need a business name. I was thinking the price tags could have a picture of Bumble and I could call it Bumble Beead Works.


DK said...

I think her name is Lucy but they all call her Loose
I think I thought I seen her on eighth and forty-deuce
The next think she said, My place or yours?
Let's kick some bass behind closed doors!

She's crafty she gets around
She's crafty she's always down
She's crafty she's got a gripe
She's crafty and she's just my type
She's crafty

CJ said...

make an ebay store.

and DK thinks your store should be named after a Beastie Boys song.

I think Bumble Beads is better.

NuclearToast said...

Wouldn't a 12-step program be cheaper? And easier?