Monday, February 26, 2007


I felt like sharing some random stuff.

  1. This weekend I watched that Biography show called Final 24. It gives you a glimpse into the final 24 hours of someone's life. I watched the Hunter S. Thompson episode. Did you know that the S stands for Stockton? It makes me sad that he got in a big fight with his wife the night before he killed himself. It seemed like they had pretty much made up, but not fully. That would be a hard thing to live with.
  2. As you may know I tiled DK's bathroom this weekend. I am COVERED in bruises. I counted 6 last night and that wasn't even a thorough check. I also gave myself a fat lip. I was trying to see if I had shaved enough off the bottom of the door for it to fit back on and I smacked myself right in the face with the door when I lost my grip on it. Luckily the fat lip went down pretty fast and now you can't really tell.
  3. I am happy to report that my nose is getting better. I've had this thing in my right nostril for a few years now. It never bothered me but it seemed like it was a little bit of cartilage coming out of my nose! I told this to DK and Bri one day a couple of years ago and they were like "That's not possible!" and "Are you sure it isn't a booger?" So a few weeks ago it started to hurt and I was getting a lot of nose bleeds. So I was at the doctor for a routine checkup and I mentioned it to her and she was like "Oh - interesting. You have a small piece of cartilage protruding from the whatchamacallit and it seems to be slightly infected." First of all - YUCK! Second of all - Ha ha haaaaa DK and Bri - I TOLD you it was cartilage - it is possible and it is NOT a booger! So the doc wrote me a prescription for some cream to apply to the affected area 3 times daily. That little tube of cream was $50 and that was after my insurance paid for part of it! Son of a bitch that's expensive. But my nose is healing and that is a good thing.
  4. The Wii is really fun. I made a little Mii and it looks just like me! I like playing Duck Hunt, Bowling and Tennis. I want to get Tetris but I am not sure how that would work with the Wii controller. Also it's nice that the Wii makes you active. It's more fun than sitting on the couch and you get a little exercise too. DK is in LOVE with the Wii. I think he is starting to get tennis elbow. I really don't want him to have tennis elbow because it is really painful but it would be funny if he went to the doctor with tennis elbow and he had to tell the doc that he doesn't play tennis - he has been playing tennis on the Wii!
  5. As some of you may know DK's car Kit is at the plastic surgeon's getting a nose job, eye job, and face lift. You can read about that here. I am glad that we have an extra car because then we don't have to rent one. Even at the insurance company’s rate of $22 per day - it adds up fast. We think the car will be in the shop for about a month. They said 3.5 weeks but you know they always run late. At that rate a rental car would cost $682.00! To make matters worse I am sure it would be a Dodge Neon or something like that. Can you imagine paying almost $700 a month for a Neon? On Friday night we met some friends at a bar and when we got home we noticed that someone had hit my Pathfinder (Shadrac) and broken one of the light lenses. Not a big deal, it's going to cost $50 max to fix it but it pisses me off that whoever hit my car didn't come in and say something! I would have probably just asked them for $20 bucks for the part and called it good. Why are the car gods punishing us?


NuclearToast said...

Are you absolutely SURE it's not a booger?

Raggedy Angst said...

The God of Cars loves Neons and other crappy cars, and when you diss them, you pay. I should know: I made fun of a Chevette once and ended up losing my brakes on a downhill that ended in a stoplight. In order to appease the God of Cars you must quietly fondle the interior of a Yugo or have a fifteen-minute conversation with that guy on TV who sells Kias.

Ash said...

Nuclear Toast - Yes, I am sure it's not a booger. It has been declared a non-booger by a medical doctor! If it were a booger I would expect to be added into the Guinness Book in the "Longest lasting booger adhered to inside of nose" category.