Wednesday, February 21, 2007


We usually play poker on Tuesday nights. Last night I was the first one knocked out and ON THE FIRST HAND! :( I had a good hand and went all in against someone who I had overheard saying that he was going to go all in no matter what on the first hand so he could double up and stay or bust out and go to another bar in time to get into their tournament. I was hoping to help him bust out but instead I doubled him up. Booooo!

Normally I like this guy - he's pretty nice, but last night he and his friends were being total jerks.

After more people busted out they started up a table to play for fun - no prizes. Mister Meanie was at that table with me. Here's a step by step of what happened. (P.S. the dollar amounts in this story are just chip values and not real dollars.)

  • I was dealt Ace 2 suited.
  • I called the big blind.

  • The flop came 2 2 Jack. So now I have triple 2's!

  • I made an average bet into him - enough that he had to call me but not so much to scare him away.

  • The turn was a 3 - no help to me but I still have a great hand with my trip 2's.

  • He bets $300 or so and I raise him to $600. He calls.

  • The river is a 2!!!!! I now have QUAD 2's!!!

  • He bets a couple hundred more dollars and I push all in.

  • He sits there and thinks about it forever while I egg him on - which is something that I never do but I couldn't help myself since he was being such a jerk and had made a pretty rude comment when I got knocked out of the first game. I'm saying things like: Come on [his name] you know I don't have it - you know you want to call it! Why not knock me out one more time tonight!

  • So with a smirk on his face he says "I am going to fold but I really think I have you beat" and he tosses away his cards but shows a 3. He has a full house - 2's over 3's. There are three 2's and one 3 on the board and he has a 3 in his hand.

  • So I took the chips and said "I think you are wrong [his name]" and flipped my 2 over. Now he sees that I had quad 2's and had him beat from the very beginning.

Oh lord the look on his face! He went from that irritating smirk to totally shocked in a split second. Oh I wish I had a camera or at least a photographic memory!


DK said...

I'm impressed that he folded a full house. I'm impressed that you resisted the urge to ask him "Are you gonna go cry now????"

NuclearToast said...

"Ha ha ha, [his name], you just got beat by a girl! A girl with a plant named 'Glen'!"