Friday, March 14, 2008

My first week

I like my new job! The product is cool, more exciting than I thought it would be so that’s a bonus. My team is great. Once again Americans are the minority, but I like it that way. It’s nice to learn things about people from other parts of the world. I have two managers, one is Canadian and the other is Australian. They are both really mellow and seem like good people in general. The whole team uses the f-bomb liberally, so that’s good – It makes me worry less about sticking my foot in my mouth.

My team assigns everyone a Muppet character. I am the Swedish Chef, not sure why yet - I'm just glad they didn't make me Miss Piggy.

Right now I have my own office which is so nice. That will change as more new hires come in, but for now I am loving it. My building is right behind Azteca, so nacho Fridays will live on!

Parking is a bitch, but it is all over this campus. I get in early enough (before 9 am) that I don’t have any trouble finding a spot in the morning. But I try not to drive anywhere at lunch because it would be almost impossible to find another space.

We are moving in June to Eastgate. That’s no big deal for me, it will probably add 5 minutes to my commute. That will give us more space and most importantly more parking. The new buildings are supposed to be really nice, so that should be fun.


DK said...

The Swedish Chef? WTF? Were you baking coooookies?

NuclearToast said...


Raggedy Angst said...

Hooray that the new job is working out! Plus you now have a great costume for next Halloween!

CJ said...

early is 9? That must be nice. I get to work at 6 and there's already a big crowd! Glad you like the new job, Mrs. Chef.