Monday, March 31, 2008


I am soooo excited! I just got an email from my husband about the standings in our bracket pool. I am in first place in our group. The points are really close, so anyone could still win!

My bracket is ranked 366th in the world for ESPN's bracket site. I know that doesn't sound great - to be in 366th place, but we think there are about 20 million brackets on that site!

And I didn't even use my old tried and true method of picking by mascots!
Gooooooooo Heels!


Raggedy Angst said...

congrats, gal, on both counts. how are things at the new job?

NuclearToast said...

Nice. At least you're doing good on this board. Because you're last on our Survivor board. MUAHAHAHA!

bladio said...

go ash!!