Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bad pet owners

I am going to post this all over my neighborhood:
Dear schnauzer owner:
Every morning a schnauzer with a blue collar comes into our yard unleashed and unattended for a bathroom break. Although we love animals, we do not love the minefield that our yard has become. Can you please keep your dog leashed and attended during bathroom breaks so that we can enjoy our yard and not have to clean up poop? Your cooperation is greatly appreciated! Thanks!


Raggedy Angst said...

Print out the note and stick it under his collar, let him carry it home. You might also add a note that you're concerned about the cars on the street and don't want him to get hurt. That should (a) shame them and (b) appeal to their good-parent instincts, if they have any.

NuclearToast said...

Or you could just invite him in and feed him some chili laced with Ex-Lax. Then send him on his merry way! He'll think you're his new best friend, and what a surprise his owners will get!

CJ said...

Just steel him for a few days. The owner will get really worried and offer a reward. That will pay for the lawn service you'll need.