Monday, August 21, 2006

Caution: Wild Women!

Saturday night the ladies took me out for a little bachelorette party. Was that ever fun! They got me a shirt with a list of funny stuff on it that I had to do. Bri said that I had to finish it all and that she didn't think that I could do it! Booo Yaaaa Bri! I had it all done by midnight! ;)

The six of us started out at my house and drank 3 bottles of wine and 1 bottle of champagne and played pin the hose on the fireman.

Next we went to a bar and I was in a hurry to get my shirt list checked off. We had a great time dancing to all of the 80's songs (including Thriller!) and taking shots.

We ended the night by sharing a cab to multiple destinations. Bri, CK and I ended up at my place, drank some more champagne and then decided to get some food. It was around 2:00 am and we were all wasted so we walked the 5 blocks to the grocery store with our plastic Halloween to-go cups of champagne. We grabbed 2 frozen pizzas and some pretzels and walked back outside to find two YOUNG men out there on bikes. We struck up a conversation with them because they had a big box of cookies! They told us they were 14 (translation: probably 12) and had snuck out. We explained that we were a bachelorette party and they signed my shirt. We asked them what they were up to and they said that they were just hanging out. Odd, when we used to sneak out we always had something to do, not just sit around the grocery store eating frosted sugar cookies. Soon we found out that the real plan had to do with the eggs in their backpack! One of us asks “why don't you guys have bunny pegs?” They both look at us with blank stares and say "Um, what are those?" HELLOOOOOOOOOO! Kids don't know what bunny pegs are anymore! WTF?

So we decided to go on a little adventure with the boys, we walked back up the street and asked where they were headed - they said we should go egg Brittney’s house - ok, whatever, at this point we are up for anything. Britney's house ended up being too far away for us old gals to walk to, we couldn't get rides from the boys because they didn't have bunny pegs and we were itching to bake our frozen pizzas. At one point they weren't paying attention and rode right into each other and tumbled to the ground - that was pretty funny!

I will fast forward a little bit and skip some parts.

Pretty soon the eggs were all gone and we decided to head home for pizza and more champagne. As we are walking away, about a block down the street we hear them yell "Show us your boobies!" Freaking hilarious! They had to wait until we were a safe distance away before voicing this daring request. So like any good citizen should we flashed them a little bra, but no boobies. I think we made their DECADE!

So when school starts in a couple of weeks, this story will be floating all over the middle school with this tacked in front of it: "This was the BEST SUMMER EVER! We snuck out to get some cookies and go egging and hung out with a bachelorette party, they were like 30 or something and we even saw some bra!" Hell, they will probably exaggerate it and say they saw some boobies, but that's ok with me.

I'll post some pictures soon!


Ash said...

Also worth noting: It took forever to scrub the temporary penis tattoo off my arm!

NuclearToast said...

If you don't stop rubbing it, it will never come off! HA HA HA HA!

bladio said...

i don't know what bunny pegs are either.

it was an awesome night, and yes, that tattoo did not want to come off!!

Dangles said...

Was flashing 12 year-olds on your list? Well you can check it off...

Ash said...

Dear Dangles - We only showed them a little bra in the dark from a block away so I don't think they will spend the rest of their lives swimming with therapy dolphins, but hey, you never know! Also, trashing the kitchen was not on the list but we did that too!

For those of you who don't know, Dangles is my talking Monkey who sometimes prank calls people.
More info on Dangles:
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The guy who gave you his underwear said...

Where's my underwear?

Ash said...

Your underwear are still safely zipped in the ziplock where they will stay for eternity!