Thursday, September 11, 2008

Still no cigarettes!

I have gone 2.5 weeks without smoking. It's getting much easier. I rarely think about them now. When I do think about them, it's not really in a fond way anymore.

At what point do I say I quit smoking? I feel weird saying that. Right now I just say "I haven't smoked in 18 days!" And whoever I say that to asks "Oh, are you quitting?" Technically, I quit smoking 2.5 weeks ago, but it feels like I am still quitting, so when do I say that I have quit? I guess when I have been off the Chantix for a month. That seems like a good mark. What do you think?


DK said...

You are doing awesome.

Sorry - but I think the amount of time you have to wait is one year.

NuclearToast said...

First off, congratulations! Way to go, Ash!

I knew a guy that quit smoking. But maybe he's not the best example, because he said, "You can't say you quit smoking. You can only say you haven't smoked in however long. Because you haven't quit until you die."

But I agree with DK. Give it a year, then you get full bragging rights. And self-satisfying smugness.