Thursday, September 18, 2008

OMG - I found an orphaned sock!

Random sock mania has hit my office! Check out what I found this morning! When I saw it, I was so excited I ran to my desk to grab my phone and snap a picture. I spilled hot tea on my hand in the process. Well worth the sting!

Scratch Padding, Nuclear Toast and Chronicles of a Nini have also found mysterious socks in or near their offices.

I think this is the result of static cling. Someone puts on a freshly washed and dried garment, oblivious to the fact that a sock is clinging on for dear life, wondering if it will ever be reunited with its mate. At some point the static cling loses its strength and POW, the sock falls to the ground. Why doesn’t this happen with other small items like underwear or washcloths? Why socks? Does anyone have any other theories as to why this happens?


bladio said...

i had an extra pair of underwear in my pant leg, near my calf, one time. i am so glad i found it before it fell out. i can't remember where i was when i found it but i think i was at work.

NuclearToast said...

Cool carpet.

And from now on, I check Blade's pants legs when I see her.

Raggedy Angst said...

Nuc is so helpful. He frequently checks down my shirt to be sure there are no tagalong socks hitching a ride down there.