Thursday, August 14, 2008

The ten year reunion

Yep, it's that time of the decade. My 10 year reunion is scheduled for October.

So this is the deal. I was a total outcast in high school. I had a small group of friends (the stoners). With the exception of the stoners and the ESL kids, no one was nice to me. I didn’t even graduate with this class, I graduated a year early and from another school.

So why am I even considering going? Good question! I am asking myself the same thing and this is what I have come up with. Two reasons: curiosity and The Mustard Seed. Let’s start with the obvious, it’s being held at The Mustard Seed. It would be hard to pass that up. I love the Seed! And of course I’m curious about how all of those popular people turned out. It helps that my husband is smart, hot and charming. It would be fun to show him off.

Buzz kill! I just read the info on the reunion web site and I have to say, my bubble has been burst.

Here is the schedule:

Friday night: Snacks, beverages and a slideshow at The Mustard Seed then trek up to the high school to cheer on the football team for the homecoming game. BARF!!!!! Are you kidding me? I didn’t go to games in high school. Why would I go now? No spouses allowed. Lame. $85

Saturday night: Food at the art museum, spouses allowed. $165! WTF?!?!? Why are they charging so much money?

In the process of writing this post I went from wanting to go to being pretty sure that I am not going to go. Also, I am not even sure why I got the email announcing it since I didn’t graduate with them and therefore am not on the alumni list.

What would you do?


DK said...

Yeah - those are some lame choices. Maybe you should crash the Mustard Seed.

Ash said...

DK: By crash, do you really mean streak? ;) 'Cause I'm kinda feelin' that. The Seed Streaker strikes again!

CJ said...

You should just show up at the seed and not pay. And seriously, they are going to the football game???? NO WAY I'D GO! Geee, I wonder if those "popular" kids are craving to be back in school when they had it made.

Raggedy Angst said...

CJ, you said exactly what I was thinking: they want to relive the glory days because these days, they're fresh out of glory. Seriously, I'd let this one ride. Go to the 20 when you're still cute, and they're all fat and hairless.

NuclearToast said...

This reunion is really weird, and shows a very local, hometown bias. The first event is really for the jocks, as they're going to The Seed and then a football game. (And your use of "BARF" made me lol.) The second event is for the preppies. I mean, like who else would fork out that much money? It'd be interesting to see the group of people at each night's events, wouldn't it?

bladio said...

these events sound really lame to me. not to mention expensive! what is all that money for????

i agree with crashing the mustard seed.

football game - are you kidding me? yuck.

Brianna said...

I agree. If your hs experience was anything like mine it would be a waste of time. Mines coming up next June and I just found out its $200 to go to a bar that’s like Julian’s. At least our money goes to scholarships (since it was a private school) I wonder what your money would go to? Are you going to crash the seed?