Thursday, July 17, 2008


Generally I don't blog about work, but I just can't let this one slide.

There are a few people in my building who totally fucking stink. I just walked by a guy in the hallway and no joke, I almost threw up. He smelled like an old nasty (probably brown in color) towel that got wet and sat in a pile on the floor for a couple of weeks. Not really a body odor smell, but a horrible musty smell. How does this guy not smell himself? Seriously. I passed him a few feet away and I was over powered by it. What does his house smell like? I don't even want to know.

Sometimes I get in an empty elevator and I can smell the nastiness of the person who was in there before me.* How bad do you have to smell to have your stink linger in an elevator long after you leave?

*Yes, I realize this could be cosmic payback for my elevator prank.

Luckily none of these stinkers are on my team. I cannot imagine sitting in a conference room with them. I honestly don't think I could do it.


CJ said...

You would think their managers would have a chat with them. Isn't proper hygene a requirement for being in the work place? Sick.

NuclearToast said...

Comments about personal matters are always hard. Just like how no one will tell you that you have a big booger hanging from your nose, and you go in the bathroom and see it in the mirror and wonder how many people saw it without saying anything.

You didn't say anything to musty towel guy, did you? Just sayin'.

bladio said...

I have noticed some other hygiene issues around the office, including not flushing the toilet after doing one's business, not washing one's hands after going to the bathroom, and walking around barefoot*. I don't get it!! YUCK

*I'm not sure that being barefoot per se is un-hygenic - but I don't want to smell your feet, dude!