Monday, April 14, 2008

Craig's List Crazies

We are selling a few things on Craig's List. One item that we have listed for sale is our giant, old TV. Used, on Amazon it is listed for $499. We are offering it at $200. This is an email I just got from an interested buyer:

Will you take less, I’m unemployed at this time? Or perhaps I can do some work, handyman stuff?

Ummm… NO! Are you effing kidding me? What don’t you understand about “$200 cash”? Plus, why do you need a new TV if you are unemployed?!?! No joke, this guy’s email is “smartestpersonuknow@****.***”.

1 comment:

NuclearToast said...

"Plus, why do you need a new TV if you are unemployed?!?!"

Uh, hello? Unemployed? That means it's your =job= to watch TV until the next unemployment check comes! DUH!