Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Super Sweet Sixteen

You stupid mother fuckers.

Do you have any idea how it feels like to…

  • be happy that Ramen is on sale for 10 for a dollar? That means that you can eat 2 meals a day for almost a week for one dollar. You can now pay your bills.
  • sleep in your ski parka? Not that you can afford to ski, you just have to sleep in it because you can’t afford heat.
  • go to constructions sites to collect scrap wood to keep your place warm because you can’t afford heat.
  • cry because the cheese in the fridge molded and you can’t afford the $3 to buy more? They say not to cry over spilled milk, but when you have NOTHING, milk, cheese, whatever – it’s worth crying over.
  • hear your door open and worry that someone has come to get you, abduct you, attack you, only to realize that it’s just a neighborhood dog with a wet nose that pushed the door open because you forgot to lock it? It was only scary because you were 8, and home alone because your mom is out working her ass off to provide food for you.

You complain and throw a fit to your parents because you didn’t get the $100,000 car for your SIXTEENTH birthday. Try working in a hot office as a receptionist for less than five dollars an hour at age 15 to save up $1,500 for a shitty car that burns to the ground less than one month later. That’s 333.333333333 hours of long hard work for a shitty car that you only had for a month. What is the worst thing about that? You have to worry about how you are going to get to school and work with no car.

So you are worried that your THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLAR BIRTHDAY PARTY isn’t good enough?

Well, I have one thing to say...




NuclearToast said...

Cry more, emo kid!

Seriously, though, these are the kind of kids that need to be bitch-slapped and drafted into the Army. Just so they can live a real life and understand there's more to the world than their petty little selves.

DK said...

Yeah! And who would watch that crap on TV??? (just kidding - I guess it is liking watching a train wreck)

Also - thanks for losing the captcha.