Monday, May 07, 2007

The Snapfish Senegal Con

This is a new one! Check this crap out! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Here is my feedback to Mr. Hassan Abu on this email:
  1. If you really want to con people out of money, PAY ATTENTION TO SPELLING, GRAMMAR, CAPITALIZATION AND PUNCTUATION!

  2. Have a better photo taken, preferably a photo of you smiling so people will trust you and think you are a nice person.

  3. Esquire? Who the fuck is an esquire these days?

How about this Mr. Hassan Abu: I will rewrite your con email for just a small fraction of that $15.5 million dollars you have access to. Just send me a money order for $499 and your bank account information and I will mail back the revised version within 20 business days.

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