Monday, March 19, 2007

The trip to Spokane was good except for the dead body in the room across from ours.

We got back late last night from Spokane.

The basketball games were good and I was really excited to see Winthrop win their first game even though they lost the second one to Oregon. The Winthrop and Arkansas players and band members were staying in our hotel so that was kind of fun to see them in the halls and wish them luck even though DK and I are not particularly attached to either of those teams.

We got to see part of the St. Patrick's Day parade. We also had lunch at Rocky Rococo's. I will only say that we enjoyed it because I know Bladio is planning on going there and writing a review on it at some point and I don't want to spoil it for her.

Marmots live all along the banks of the Spokane River and we had a lot of fun feeding them and watching them scurry around. That may have been the highlight of the trip for me aside from just getting to spend time with my husband.

On a sad and creepy note, when I left the room on Sunday AM there was a cop wandering the halls. I said hi and went along with my business. Then when we left the room to go to breakfast the cop had pulled up a chair kind of near the door to our room and seemed to be watching the door to the room across the hall. He was also reading a book. I was kind of freaked out and we figured that they were moving a prisoner and were staying at our hotel. On our way back from breakfast we were walking down the hall and noticed that the cop was gone. The chair was still there and it was piled with stuff. I thought jokingly that maybe the prisoner had tied up the cop in a closet and escaped. As we got closer to the chair I could see a stack of those crime scene tent cards that they put on the ground when they are photographing a scene, some briefcases and red biohazard bags with stuff in them. Uh oh. As we pass the room with the open door I glanced in and saw some cops taking pictures. DK told me to look away and I did. We asked the hotel staff what was going on and they of course wouldn't tell us. So we asked the news crew in the parking lot and our suspicions were confirmed. They found a dead body in the room across the hall from ours. We aren't sure what happened yet but here is an article about it.


bladio said...

sad news. i am glad you looked away.

DK said...

looks like the autopsy is inconclusive - and the police say they won't be charging anyone -