Thursday, January 18, 2007

Video: The Hunt for the Pacific Northwest Abe Yeti

As promised - you can now watch Abe in his medium screen debut!
I would like to dedicate this movie to Bri, the skeptic and Brent, the like-minded Canadian!

P.S. It is a large file so you might need to pause it at the beginning and let it load completely (dark gray bar) before watching it. It's so much better when it's not interrupted.

You can also watch Take 1 here.


Bri said...

All I can say is WOW

James Cameron said...

Amazing - simple amazing. Is Abe available for another film? I want to make him a big star.

Ash said...

Bri - I will tell Abe that you were so impressed all you could say was WOW!

Mr. Cameron - Abe doesn't need you to make him a big star - He already is! Duh! And if you knew a damn thing about the movie industry you would certainly know that! With that said, yes he is available and as his manager I must inform you up front that his starting rate is $20 million per movie or 504,414 Nostalgia Electrics Sno-Cone Carts (my cut is 10%).

bladio said...

That is scary. I'm glad I live on the West side where it's safe from yeti's.

Ash said...

Bladio - Come on! You know you love Abe! Plus, the most harmful thing he can do is tell a Momma joke!

pete. said...

You need your Yeti poking stick to defend yourself! Or at least a book of "snappy comebacks."

(you need to do more of these... so funny)