Monday, October 09, 2006

Friday Police Action

On Friday I was at the gym working out and there were two teenagers making out in front of the gym. My gym is right by a 7-11 so there are always teenagers hanging out there. The owner of the gym is this really funny lady from East L.A. She is super nice, but I wouldn't mess with her. She spots the teens making out and walks out there and says "Can I help you with something?" they ignore her so she says "Hey, your making out right in front of my no loitering sign, move it somewhere else!" The guy goes "If you want us to move you should just say, get the fuck out of here." So she says "I was trying to be nice, but OK, get the FUCK out of here." So they walk across the street to where some other teenagers are hanging out.

A few moments later the teenage girl comes running towards the 7-11 holding her face and the boy is following her. He has taken off his white shirt and is wearing a gray tank top now. I guess he was trying to change how he looked cause someone probably called the cops when he smacked his girlfriend.

Fast forward 30 seconds: The cops show up and he starts to run a little. They tackle him face first onto the ground and pull their GUNS on this guy! Freaking GUNS! That was kind of crazy.

They cuff him and push him up against the cop car to search him. This is where things get REALLY FUNNY! He's one of these gangster type kids with his pants hanging dangerously low on his ass. The cops are checking his pockets and HIS PANTS FALL OFF!!!! Ha ha haaaaaaaaaa! Pantless criminal!!!!


NuclearToast said...

Did you even go to the gym? Or did you spend the entire time outside watching the teenagers at 7-11? You know, sometimes it's important to try and recapture that lost youth...

Ash said...

Yes - I was working out while all this was going on! Ok - and taking breaks to peek out the windows! ;)